New builds from Mangrove Builders: exceptional craftsmanship, on time and on budget

We build high-end extensions and renovations to existing homes and commercial premises, as well as new builds. Rely on us to turn your ideas and plans into reality. Our focus is on craftsmanship, as well as on your budget, and your timeframe.

If you’re in or around the Melbourne metropolitan area, contact us today for a quote.

Your New Home

Designed and built for your choices in optimal living

We’re all different. When buying a home we settle for a home which is almost perfect for us. If you choose a new build however, every choice is yours, no need for trade-offs, or for settling for less than you want.

Today, green living and sustainability are more than buzz words. Every year, home designers and product manufacturers develop plans and products to save energy costs and make homes more efficient and livable. When you’re starting with a blank slate, you can incorporate the latest innovations, and build a home you’ll love for years to come.


A new build means you oversee everything about your home, as it happens. Your home takes shape from plans and bare land. Nothing is hidden, and you can make decisions as your build progresses.

When you choose a new build, you may even save money, in stamp duty and other costs. You may also be eligible for government grants, if it’s your first home: take advice from your real estate agent and other advisers.

We can work with you, whether you’re choosing a knock down rebuild, or have developed a custom home design for your block of land.

The solutions we’ve developed include:

  • Knock downs and rebuilds.
  • Duplexes: two homes on one block.
  • Luxury, bespoke builds on a new block.

Knock down & do-over: starting again

Love where you live? Moving is a hassle. Not only do you leave your friends and neighbors, but the kids also need to settle into new schools.

A knock down and rebuild is the answer. Start over, with a contemporary home. Live the lifestyle you’ve yearned for, in a stylish contemporary home with modern conveniences. Stay in an area you love, and build the home you want for your family. Whatever your vision for your new home, we’ll build it.


A duplex: two homes on one block

Want an older family member to live with you, but maintain their independence? Perhaps you’d like the home you’ve always wanted, as well as an additional home, as an investment.

Duplexes are becoming a popular solution.

Building your bespoke home on a new block

Are you building on a block of land you’ve purchased? A new home means you can build for your lifestyle now, and in the future.

Add all the functionality you want. That might include two home offices, a large professional kitchen with a greenhouse, a big extended garage for your car collection, combined with a space for your home studio, as well as your home workshop.


If you’re an owner-builder, we’ll help you to manage the process

If you want to oversee the building of your own home, we can help you through the process, from the design onwards. Your Mangrove Builders’ project manager will help you to source supplies and trades, helping you to avoid pitfalls and meet challenges.

Mangrove Builders

Why choose Mangrove Builders for your new build?

When we formed in 2014, we committed to extraordinary results for our clients.

This means delivering to the highest standards, from framing, to lockup and final fit-off. Our goal is to make the building process as pleasant as possible, and stress-free for clients.

We’re passionate about our craft, and restrict our commissions, so our complete focus is on your build, delivered on time, and on budget.

Your build is coordinated and managed by a dedicated project manager, so that it proceeds smoothly, without delays and holdups. Unforeseen construction challenges may occur, but our passionate team of highly-focused, fully-employed craftsmen-builders will overcome them.

Communication is a priority: you’ll always know precisely what’s happening.

When you choose Mangrove Builders, you’ll know your new build is in the hands of craftsmen, who are determined to achieve the highest quality. We’ll turn your vision into the home you’ll always wanted—within your budget, and with your timeframe to completion always in mind.

Ready? Let’s look at what you need so that we can deliver a firm, and accurately itemized quote.


From the essentials, to your quote & the timeframe for your build

With a new build, we begin by looking at your essentials, so that we can deliver a quote and a timeframe.

We need: 

  • Local council paperwork: approvals and permits for your plans.
  • Engineering reports, with plans and specs.
  • Soil and energy tests.
  • An architect’s plan for your build.
A Beginner's Guide to Planning a New Home Build

A Comprehensive Starter Guide to a Successful New Home Build

Unlock the keys to a stress-free home-building experience with our free eBook. Packed with tips, FAQs, and expert guidance to help you successfully navigate the building process and make crucial decisions at every step for a successful, fulfilling experience. Download your free copy!

FAQ: questions and answers

You have questions; we’re happy to answer them all.

  • Where do you build?

    We serve the greater Melbourne metropolitan area.

  • What types of homes can you build?

    We’re happy to build the home you envision, whether it’s single or multi-story, in a contemporary, or any other design, with all the functionality and features you want.

  • We’ve got a plan for our home, but could you incorporate the changes we want?

    Most assuredly.

  • Can you give us an idea of the time frame for the building process?

    Certainly, as soon as we see the site and your plans. Our quotes include complete timelines to completion.

  • How long does quoting take?

    Following an initial discovery session over the phone, a Preliminary cost assessments can take up to two weeks and a fully itemised construction quote with contract preparation can take up to four weeks.

  • How long will my construction take?

    Every project is different and will take different time frames especially depending on the materials being chosen for the project. Despite this some ball-park timeframes are below based on our previous projects:

    • 36 to 44 weeks for single-dwelling, single-storey new builds
    • 48 to 52 weeks for single-dwelling, double-storey new builds
  • How much will my project cost?

    Again every project is different and the variables to consider for an accurate quote is impossible estimate without plans and reports. This being said below are some ball-park amounts based on our previous projects:

    • New builds single-storey, starting from $450,000
    • New builds double-story, starting from $650,000

    Disclaimer: For mid-range finishes. Costings are generic and not project specific.

Here’s what our clients say about the Mangrove Builders experience.

  • Well team, thank you, thank you, thank you

    Communication was very effective, I always knew when they were and not at the job, well informed ahead. Not only they were great with me, but also, they worked very well with all the other tradies. They owned the job as if it was their own. Marcus Falay, Burwood
    Well team, thank you, thank you, thank you
  • Thank you!

    Mutasim and the crew were efficient, friendly, professional and on time, and did a great job of our pretty complex house frame. Highly recommended. Dale Renner, Ashburton
    Thank you!