We transform your Extension and Renovation Designs into the life you want to live

At Mangrove Builders, we take pride in our achievements as extension and renovation experts, turning your ideas and plans into a valuable reality.

Need more space for your growing family? We’ll craft new and generous spaces so you can live a bigger life, while adding value to your home.

Ready to live the lifestyle you’ve always wanted? We’re specialists in luxury builds that require the finest attention to detail.

If you’re located in or around metropolitan Melbourne, contact us today for a quote.

Expand your lifestyle

Build outward and upward

At Mangrove Builders, we deliver careful, expert renovations for a range of properties including Edwardian, Hamptons, and Californian bungalows, Queenslanders, traditional homes from past eras, as well as heritage buildings, from single to triple stories.

We’re committed to helping you to build an optimal quality of life.

Whatever your needs, we can help you with extensions and renovations for:

Ground floor
Second story
Heritage homes

and more.

Ground Floor Extensions and Renovations

Make the most of your property with a ground floor extension. Extend your living areas, renew old, tired rooms, create the additional spaces you need for your current and future lifestyle. Whether you’re adding rooms or an outdoor entertainment area, we can help you create a seamless indoor and outdoor experience, with flow and space for everything you need.


Second Storey Extensions and Renovations

When you extend your home upward, another storey will add immense value to your home and maximise your home’s living potential. A second storey gives you a chance to redefine your living areas, extend or add rooms and storage space, and stretch out in open plan living with the latest mod-cons. Extending upward will add excitement and expands your home’s lifestyle potential.

Heritage home extensions and renovations

You’ll have limits on what you can and cannot do when home is heritage listed, however, you can still do a great deal to modernise, add more light, introduce new materials as well as extend into modern open-plan living areas. At Mangrove Builders, we specialize in extending heritage homes, making them more spacious, modern and liveable within council regulations.

From Ideas to Reality, Step by Step

Ready to renovate or extend your home for a better quality of life? We are an experienced building company with a strong track record of producing quality workmanship for large and luxury extensions and renovations.


Rely on our expertise and craftsmanship. We’ll guide you through the entire build, starting with a thorough understanding of your vision, needs and wants. We’ll review your documentation and discuss your project with you and provide a comprehensive quote.

We’ll review your documentation and discuss your project with you and provide a comprehensive quote.

Your Perfet Home Extension

A Comprehensive Starter Guide to Crafting Your Perfect Home Extension

Discover insider tips and professional insights to create the perfect living space with our free eBook covering everything from understanding the benefits and process of home extensions to planning, designing, and realising your dream home - Download your free copy!


considerations for extensions and renovations

  • What permissions and approvals will I need to extend my home?

    With any structural renovations, such as a home extension, you will need your local council’s approvals. Depending on the local area, these may include:

    • A demolition permit.
    • A development application (DA.)
    • A building permit.
    • Town planning approval.
  • Will Mangrove take care of the permits?

    We can advise you, and help you to complete your applications.

  • Who produces the renovation plans and designs?

    Discuss your needs with an architect or a building designer. They will design your extension or renovation, and will create the plans.

    With your plans in hand, we can inspect the site, and provide you with a comprehensive building quote.

  • I have an older style home… I’m concerned that the extension will look out of place…

    At Mangrove Builders, we’re committed to preserving your home’s aesthetics. With your plans in hand, we’ll ensure that your new extension will be a seamless part of your home, so that it looks an integral part of your home’s original design.

  • What about building materials? What kind will you choose, and what about the quality?

    When renovating an older home, we’ll blend modern materials with original materials, so that nothing appears out of place. Over the past couple of decades, innovative building materials have been developed for efficiency and energy savings.

    Your home will be more comfortable with additional insulation. Choose matching colours and finishes. Alternatively, explore new looks. We’re happy to discuss materials, and ideas with you.

    In all our work, we at Mangrove Builders strive to source quality materials, from reliable and reputable suppliers.

  • Do you build extensions on land that is on a slope?

    We’ll look at the site carefully, as well as its engineering report. We’ll take into account your site’s aspect, and incline. Also important: site access for trucks, and parking spaces for builders and trades.

  • Do you provide demolition and excavation services?

    We can advise on what’s required.

    We’ll consider:

    • Any required demolition and excavation.
    • Budgeting for hazardous materials removal, such as asbestos.
  • How long does quoting take?

    Following an initial discovery session over the phone, a Preliminary cost assessments can take up to two weeks and a fully itemised
    construction quote with contract preparation can take up to four weeks.

  • How long will my construction take?

    Every project is different and will take different time frames especially depending on the materials being chosen for the project. Despite this some ball-park timeframes are below based on our previous projects:

    • 16 weeks for Internal renovations only with new kitchens and bathrooms
    • 20 weeks for a living room extension or additions with a new kitchen and 1 bathrooms
    • 28 to 32 weeks for an extension or addition with fully renovated internals throughout
  • How much will my project cost?

    Again every project is different and the variables to consider for an accurate quote is impossible estimate without plans and reports. This being said below are some ball-park amounts based on our previous projects:

    • Internal renovations noly with new Kitchens and bathrooms. No or minimal wall changes $150,000 to $250,000
    • Living room extensions or additions with new kitchen and 1 bathrooms $200,000 to $300,000
    • Extension or addition with fully renovated internals $400,000 to $600,000

    Disclaimer: For mid-range finishes. Costings are generic and not project specific.

Here’s what our clients say about the Mangrove Builders experience.

  • Well team, thank you, thank you, thank you

    Communication was very effective, I always knew when they were and not at the job, well informed ahead. Not only they were great with me, but also, they worked very well with all the other tradies. They owned the job as if it was their own. Marcus Falay, Burwood
    Well team, thank you, thank you, thank you
  • Thank you!

    Mutasim and the crew were efficient, friendly, professional and on time, and did a great job of our pretty complex house frame. Highly recommended. Dale Renner, Ashburton
    Thank you!