Carpentry: the bones of every build

and the foundation of Mangrove Builders’ expertise.

At Mangrove Builders, we pride ourselves on our skilled carpentry. It’s the bones of every build, whether we’re adding extensions, renovating, or crafting a high-end new build.

Our attention to detail in carpentry is reflected in our results.

When you hire Mangrove Builders you get quality and reliability

Mangrove Builders has years of experience in timber construction. Our aim is to deliver above and beyond expectation, on schedule.

Our experience and commitment ensures:

  • A smooth-running project.
  • Successful completion of your project.
  • Time management, so that other trades can complete tasks on schedule.
  • Anticipation on what’s needed, so that we’re ready for other trades to come in and have everything ready for them.
  • Cost-savings. We arrive on time, and precision is our watchword. This ensures that there’s no reworking.
  • Quality craftsmanship. We’re proud of what we do, and of our team, which refuses to compromise quality.
  • We work closely with site supervisors, and are always ready to assist with any unexpected challenges.
  • Liaison with other trades, and materials’ suppliers, in order to streamline processes, cut costs, and save time.
  • Complying with all on-site Healthy & Safety protocols, including having our power tools “tested and tagged”.
  • Mess removal: we dispose of rubbish as we work, to maintain the site’s safety for us, and other trades.
  • Registration. We’re registered with appropriate bodies, and maintain insurance with Public Liability, as well as WorkCover.

We deliver expert carpentry, starting with precision framing

The success of any build starts with precision framing.

Mangrove Builders delivers precision, starting with the build’s walls: they’re plumbed to +/ – 7 mm tolerances. Bathrooms are plumbed to even finer tolerances. Long walls and corridors are made true at framing.

We ensure:

  • Bows on studs are checked on all walls. This makes wall straightening at the lockup stage truer and faster.
  • Additional studs are placed in robes, pantries, and cupboards, offering flexibility in shelving heights.
  • Door sticking and jamming is minimized, with double studs on the hinge side.

Need a total renovation? Mangrove Builders specializes in full gut carpentry

Sometimes a residential building needs a fresh start. Perhaps it’s unsafe, or you have a new vision for the space. At Mangrove Builders, we can do a complete gut out, then use our carpentry skills for a complete makeover.

With the building stripped out, we’ll inspect its foundations and frame, to ensure soundness. At this stage, we can deal with any structural challenges, before we begin the new interior carpentry and construction.

FAQ: questions and answers

You have questions; we’re happy to answer them all.

  • Can you modify building plans, and what’s the cost of this?

    Yes, we’re happy to incorporate your needs into your plans. We provide a full, itemized quote, with time lines for any modifications, after checking your site and its plans and approvals.

  • What sets Mangrove Builders’ carpentry services apart from other builders?

    We’re sensitive to your needs. We commit to our quote as delivered, including time frames for completion, as well as quality in craftsmanship and materials.

    Most importantly, we know that building operations can be disruptive. It’s always a primary goal to minimize mess and disruptions.

  • Do Mangrove Builders provide a time estimation on projects?

    Our itemized quote includes a time frame for completion, as well as stages of the process.

  • Are Mangrove Builders insured?

    As Registered Building Practitioners (CDB-U 62726); we’re fully insured. We have Public Liability and WorkCover protection.

    Regarding your personal insurance for your property, please contact your insurance company to ensure that your property is fully insured.

  • How long does quoting take?

    Following an initial discovery session over the phone, a Preliminary cost assessments can take up to two weeks and a fully itemised construction quote with contract preparation can take up to four weeks.

Here’s what our clients say about the Mangrove Builders experience.

  • Well team, thank you, thank you, thank you

    Communication was very effective, I always knew when they were and not at the job, well informed ahead. Not only they were great with me, but also, they worked very well with all the other tradies. They owned the job as if it was their own. Marcus Falay, Burwood
    Well team, thank you, thank you, thank you
  • Thank you!

    Mutasim and the crew were efficient, friendly, professional and on time, and did a great job of our pretty complex house frame. Highly recommended. Dale Renner, Ashburton
    Thank you!